Ohla Box Goodie Gift Box with Umami Honey


Calgary is full of talented and creative entrepreneurs and we are so honored to have the opportunity to partner with some of them. 

What's included in the box:

  • Tipping Point Coffee Beans by Rosso Coffee Roasters
  • Umami Honey by Mob Honey
  • Matcha Chocolate by ShawZ Chocolates



 1) Tipping Point Coffee Beans, 340g


Chocolatey, nutty and smooth. This coffee sees a little more development in the roaster to minimize the acidity, it hones in on the body to act like a warm hug. Currently 50% Gahahe honey processed Red Bourbon from Burundi, and 50% Santa Lucia natural Yellow Catuai from Brazil. 

Our current offering for Tipping Point is a blend of two coffees. We've profiled these two coffees separately and blended them post-roast. Our intention is to match density and bean sizing so they extract at even rates, bringing you the most flavour clarity in your cup of coffee.

2) Umami Honey, 113g

A unique honey blend that tastes great on toasted sourdough or on a nice slice of cheese.

This is our premium blend. Local farmer, Forage & Farm fermented black garlic mixed with MOB Honey is decadent and delicious. An umami bomb in every bite!

You won’t regret this 113 g jar of heaven.

3) Matcha Latte Chocolate Bar

Green is good; green chocolate is even better! This is our matcha blended white chocolate a.k.a. Matcha Latte! It adds an earthiness to our signature white chocolate and delivers a subtle energy boost.

Net weight: 30g

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