As Sweet As Can Be Gift Box


Know anyone who’s got a sweet tooth? Try gifting them this gift box filled with local love. All products are curated by Canadians in Calgary, AB.

These honey goodness are small-batch blends made in Alberta.

Chocolate bars included are non-GMO and vegan.

What's included in the box:

  • Truffle Honey, 113g
  • Umami Honey, 113g
  • Organic Turmeric Honey, 113g
  • Oat Crunch Chocolate Bar
  • Matcha Latte Chocolate Bar

1) Truffle Honey

Here comes truffle. An over endowed taste of truffle goes great on a garlic roasted toastini layerd with spicy meats.

Calgary, Alberta - wild raw MOB honey.

2) Umami Honey

A unique honey blend that tastes great on toasted sourdough or on a nice slice of cheese.

This is our premium blend. Local farmer, Forage & Farm fermented black garlic mixed with MOB Honey is decadent and delicious. An umami bomb in every bite!

You won’t regret this 113 g jar of heaven.

3) Organic Turmeric Honey

MOB Honey organic turmeric honey blend is so good by the spoon full or on homemade cauliflower wings. Swirl into tea and enjoy!

4) Oat Crunch

Dairy free oat milk chocolate paired with crunchy roasted cocoa nibs. Yum!

Ingredients: Cocoa ingredients, oats, cane sugar, vanilla.

VEGAN & FREE OF dairy, gluten, nuts, soy or GMOs

5) Matcha Latte

Green is good; green chocolate is even better! This is our matcha blended white chocolate a.k.a. Matcha Latte. It adds an earthiness to our signature blonde chocolate and delivers a subtle energy boost.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, oats, cane sugar, matcha, vanilla

VEGAN & FREE OF dairy, gluten, nuts, tree nuts, soy, or GMOs.
Please click into images for nutritional info.
Every bar comes packaged in a recyclable wrap.

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