Why Choose Small-batch Made Products



Can we  just talk about “small-batch” made products for a little bit?

What does it actually mean and why it differs from mass-produced products. Though the term “small-batch” is pretty self-explanatory, many still don’t understand the value and the work that is put into making small-batch-made-products.

Ohla Box Gift Box Honey and chocolate bars all locally made in Calgary, AB.

With small batch product, the attention to detail you get is going to be greater than a product being produced in an industrial setting at scale. Local makers and curators are able to make sure that the taste, texture, and appearance of every product is consistent.

A hand pouring essential oil in a bottle.

Producing in large batches often mean producers have to use additional preservatives knowing that the finished products will spend months or even years on shelves before they reach a consumer. These preservatives are often unnatural and can be harmful to our body and skin. Preservatives can dilute the active ingredients in the product. In small batch products, smaller batches are made often–allowing the products to always be fresh, natural, and good for you.

We hope this short blog is a tad helpful. We encourage you to shop small businesses in your area before buying elsewhere.